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My love/hate relationship with Valentines Day!

DeAnna ReposaComment

I hate pre fix menus and all of the  disposable STUFF that comes along with Valentines Day!  But I love LOVE so I have always had a strained relationship with the holiday.  It annoys me that restaurants price gouge and the menu is pre-fix. Why would you not have the same menu open to all of those diners? Think about it, there are the same number of tables, the same number of seating's per night but your choices are always steak, lobster,oysters, chocolate mouse.....  I just don't get it.  Performance holidays aren't typically my thing and I do not follow the crowd, but for so many reasons I have a special place in my heart for Valentines Day.  I loved elementary school valentines, the cheesy cards and the horrible candy.  There is something about that red heart candy box with the horrible candy inside that makes my heart remember LOVE.  My parents divorced when I was in first grade.  I remember sitting on my teachers lap and crying a lot.  On Valentines Day I came home to a little red Valentines heart from Sees candy that my Dad had dropped off for me. It was red with ruffles on the outside.   I don't particularly like chocolates and I never finished its contents but it was the symbolism of the box that mattered.   With that box I understood that even though my Dad was not at home everyday, he loved me.  Those little red boxes of candy continued to be on my doorstep until I was married.  I secretly wish they still arrived every Valentines Day, not for the candy but for the message.  Now I make Valentines special for my own family.  To me Valentines is not about romance but about a special day to show a little bit of extra love.